5G/WiFi/IoT Technical Session

When Do I Get My 5G and What Does That Mean for the Compound Semiconductor Industry?

Eastern Time August 4, 2021 10:30 am - 11:00 am

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Eric Higham

The wireless industry is renowned for developing the next generation of wireless networks about every ten years, but it seems like we have already been talking about 5G for ten years, so where is it? While that statement is a bit of an exaggeration, the path between concept and implementation can sometimes get a bit rocky. This presentation looks at how 5G infrastructure, user equipment and subscriber growth is progressing. I will present Strategy Analytics’ latest forecasts for base station sector deployments and we will investigate some frequency and technology segmentations.

The last point is particularly important for the compound semiconductor industry. In addition to the technology forecasts, the presentation will explore some of the trends, drivers and trade-offs that will shape the trajectory of compound semiconductor revenue in this segment. We will close with a quick look at 6G and how the wireless industry expects this evolution to augment the reality of the 5G vision.