Keynote Microwave Journal & Signal Integrity Journal PCB/ Interconnect Design

Stretching the Limits of PCB Design

Eastern Time October 13, 2020 10:00 am - 10:30 am

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Janine Love
Pat Hindle
Gary Lerude

Expanding markets, such as automotive, IoT, wearables, and healthcare, continue to drive innovation in printed circuit board and interconnect design. While new materials and technologies are being stretched to their limits, some fascinating new design and manufacturing methods are offering completely new ways to create PCBs, eliminating some of the old trade offs and revealing new ones. In this keynote, the editors of Microwave Journal and Signal Integrity Journal take a closer look at some of the market drivers, creative new products, and new ways of manufacturing PCBs. The keynote includes interviews with leaders from two companies developing new capabilities:  Dr. Jaim Nulman, Nano Dimension CTO, discussing 3D printed PCBs and Philip Johnston, CEO of Trackwise Designs plc. discussing infinitely long, flexible PCBs. Join us in this keynote for a fascinating and engaging journey into what’s possible.