Radar/Automotive/SATCOM Sponsored by Rohde & Schwarz Workshop

Residual Phase Noise Measurement of Components for Advanced Radar Systems

Eastern Time August 18, 2021 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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Leander Humbert
Dr. Wolfgang Wendler

Phase noise becomes an increasingly important system-level specification for electronic test equipment, communications systems, and radar systems. Modern radar systems are trying to extract more information about the targets they track and provide the ability to track even slow moving targets in the presence of clutter. The lower the phase noise, the better this will work.

However, for system and design engineers, it is not only important to quantify the phase noise produced by local oscillators, but also the phase noise added by each component in the signal processing chain. This webinar reviews the fundamentals of residual or additive phase noise and addresses measurement techniques for determining the amplitude (AM) and phase noise added by two-port devices such as: amplifiers, mixers, block frequency converters, multipliers, dividers, and frequency synthesizers