Radar/Antennas Technical Session

MIMO Radar for Vehicles

Eastern Time September 11, 2019 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Eli Brookner

Analyzed here is the most common Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) radar architectures being considered for automobile radars. It is shown that for some cases conventional radars having the same number of elements can provide better angle resolution and accuracy and at the same time provide much lower antenna sidelobes.  MIMO radars are explained in simple physical terms rather than heavy exotic math. The totally physical explanation of MIMO radar gives one a feel for where to use MIMO radars in the future.

It is shown that contrary to what is claimed in the literature, MIMO radars do not provide orders of magnitude better resolution and accuracy than conventional radars. It is shown that MIMO radars do not provide better performance against barrage and hot clutter jammers. Against repeater jammers, MIMO may provide worse performance. The Radar equation for MIMO radars is developed. Where MIMO radar could be useful is for car radars, OTH radar, and for coherently or incoherent combining radars to get increased sensitivity with existing radars is covered.