5G/IoT/Automotive Sponsored By Mini-Circuits Workshop

Filtering mmW Frequencies with LTCC Technology

Eastern Time October 6, 2020 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Erick Olsen

As more commercial applications gravitate toward mmWave frequency bands (30 to 300 GHz), an increasingly crowded RF spectrum will require some adaptation of legacy technologies. In particular, the approaching rollout of fifth generation (5G) wireless up to 40 GHz and beyond, as well as a growing number of Satcom systems in the Ka band (26 GHz to 40 GHz) means that these industries will face similar challenges: Legacy technologies using lumped elements or waveguides have not yet provided a high performance, low cost and physically compact solution for mmWave frequencies.

In recent years, Mini-Circuits has invested heavily in developing its product lines to support wider bandwidths at higher frequencies in response to growing demand for solutions in the mmWave range. New development in the LTCC product line has been one area of notable progress.  Using an iterative, multi-physics simulation approach, combined with feedback from extensive prototype manufacturing of test samples, Mini-Circuits has developed a high-confidence design approach for first spin success of new LTCC products up to 50 GHz.

With an LTCC portfolio of over 700 commercially available products, including filters, couplers, splitters and baluns, Mini-Circuits has now developed a family of products to address the 5G FR2 mmWave and SatCom opportunities.

This workshop will explore how Mini-Circuits’ latest LTCC filter products address the challenges faced by the industry for applications in the mmWave bands. New catalog releases will be discussed along with compelling test results for products in development.