5G/IoT/Automotive Technical Session

Digital Transformation with 5G, Edge Compute and AI

Eastern Time October 6, 2020 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Caroline Chan

As we transition from 5G buzz to 5G reality, it is getting unequivocally certain that 5G is not just the next generation wireless connectivity, but it is much more than that. Per ABI research, by 2035, the 5G industry value chain will be worth $3.5 trillion. With its distinguishing characteristics like Enhanced Mobile Broad Band (EMBB), Machine-to-Machine Communication (MMTC), and Ultra reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC), 5G will create opportunities we have never thought possible, especially in time-sensitive and mission-critical operations. Based on the recent Gartner research, more than 40% of the data will be created and analyzed at the edge of the network by 2025. 5G, when coupled with edge compute and artificial intelligence, brings value across variety of enterprise/IoT use cases, specifically in the areas with low latency and real-time applications need such as autonomous driving, smart manufacturing, digital security and surveillance, real-time gaming, high frequency financial transactions, etc. COVID-19 impact to world economy and day-to-day life is further emphasizing the importance of 5G and Edge compute with the rise of requirements in areas such as remote medicine/diagnosis, remote education, social distancing monitoring, etc. and will make 5G an ubiquitous reality sooner than everyone predicted.