5G/WiFi/IoT Technical Session

Could 5G Wirelessly Deliver Power to IoT Devices?

Eastern Time August 4, 2021 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Aline Eid

5G has been designed for blazing fast and low-latency communications. To do so, mm-wave frequencies were adopted and allowed unprecedently high radiated power densities by the FCC. Unknowingly, the architects of 5G have, thereby, created a wireless power grid capable of powering devices at ranges far exceeding the capabilities of any existing technologies. However, this potential could only be realized if a fundamental trade-off in wireless energy harvesting could be circumvented. In this talk, I present the solution that breaks the usual paradigm, imprisoned in the trade-off between rectenna angular coverage and turn-on sensitivity. The concept relies on the implementation of a Rotman lens between the antennas and the rectifiers. The printed, flexible mm-wave rectenna achieves a robust and bending-resilient operation, a combination of large angular coverage and high turn-on sensitivity—in both planar and bent conditions—and a long-range harvesting capability. This technology will enable 5G to power the next generation of IoT devices at ranges exceeding 180 m.