Sponsored By ARC Technologies Workshop

Absorptive Vent Material for High Frequency Emissions Control

Eastern Time September 11, 2019 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Joel Marchand

This study was commissioned by ARC Technologies LLC., which was interested in characterizing their lossy material for potential use in fabricating air vents for the chassis of electronic products that would reduce high frequency emissions below that of conventional perforated metal vents. The test setup consisted of a small reverberation chamber, with drive signals provided by and detection using a Vector Network Analyzer, which was controlled by a custom control program. Test samples with different opening sizes were tested, and the results were compared to those using a conventional perforated metal panel. Additional samples were silver plated and tested to simulate the effect of vents constructed using the lossy material installed on top of a perforated metal panel. The reference configuration was a coaxial cable inside the chamber that was terminated with a 50 Ohm closed standard. Measurement results are presented that compare the emissions from the various test samples to those using a conventional perforated metal panel vent.