About the Organizers

EDI CON Online is organized by Microwave Journal, Signal Integrity Journal, and the event planning division of their parent company Horizon House.  Horizon House is an experienced and well-established organizer of targeted events, including EDI CON China. Horizon House additionally organizes European Microwave Week (EuMW) on behalf of the European Microwave Association (EuMA). The EDI CON program is developed in collaboration with leading international technology companies and experts in high-frequency and high-speed electronic design with experience ranging from modeling and design to component characterization, system integration, and verification.


Management & Operations

Horizon House

North America: Ivar Bazzy, Jared Bazzy
Europe: Michel Zoghob
China: Adonis Mak


Northeast U.S. – Jaime Leger
Email: jleger@mwjournal.com – Phone: 781-619-1942

Mid-Atlantic, South, Mid-West U.S. – Mike Hallman
Email: mhallman@mwjournal.com – Phone: 301-371-8830

Western U.S. – Brian Landy
Email: blandy@mwjournal.com – Phone: 831-426-4143

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (German-Speaking) – Brigitte Beranek
Email: bberanek@horizonhouse.com – Phone: +82 2 481-3411

Korea– Young-Seoh Chinn
Email: yschinn@horizonhouse.com – Phone: +44 207 596 8742

China – Adonis Mak
Email: adonism@actintl.com.h – Phone: (852) 28386298

Japan – Katsuhiro Ishii
Email: amskatsu@dream.com – Phone: +81 3 5691 3335

International – Richard Vaughan
Email: rvaughan@horizonhouse.co.uk – Phone: +44 207 596 8742

US – Carl Sheffres
Email: csheffres@mwjournal.com – Phone: 781-619-1949


Technical Program Advisors

Janine Love (Technical Program Director), Patrick Hindle, Gary Lerude